Did you know you can set up a super-fast website for pretty much zero-money? It’s really easy too!

Here are the steps:

  • Register your domain with any provider (someone where you can change some DNS records preferably!)
  • Sign-up with Cloudflare (or login) and add your domain. A free account will do.
  • Point your NameServers to Cloudflare (can be found within your CloudFlare account)
  • Sign-up with Github (or login)
  • Create a new repository called “your-github-username.github.io” (replacing with your actual username)
  • Add a new file called CNAME to your repo with your domain name on the first line (e.g. robkent.co.uk)
  • Clone your repository locally - and create a new Jekyll site within it
  • Within Cloudflare - create and point 2x A-Records to the IP addresses by following the appropriate link on this page within Github.
  • Wait for the DNS to resolve.

And that should be it!

All-in-all it takes around 30mins -1 hour but afterwards you should have a brand-new Jekyll-powered website like this one which is super-fast and hosted for free! (Just remember to keep renewing that domain!)

Robert Kent

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