Magento SEO Cover

Magento SEO Book

I’ve recently published my new Magento book – this time on Magento SEO, titled Magento Search Engine Optimization. I’ve written a full introduction to the book on my companies website: Introducing my Magento SEO Book. It’s now available to buy on Amazon & Packt.

CreareSEO Extension

CreareSEO – FREE Magento SEO Extension

At Creare we’ve recently released our brand new (and more importantly FREE) Magento SEO extension. You can check out a whole host of features and a video walkthrough here. You can download the extension directly from Magento Connect. Thanks to all who have downloaded already…

Magento Shipping How-To Cover

Magento Shipping How-To Book

My Magento Shipping How-To book was released in May 2013. It covers the administration side of Magento order-processing, specifically how best to set up, maintain and tailor your shipping settings for your Magento store. You can buy Magento Shipping How-To from Packt and Amazon.