Technical SEO – 301 Redirects

Last week I did a workshop on .htaccess files. What they are, how they’re used and most important for our business – how you can use them for performing 301 redirects. This led to the creation of a new blog post pretty much summing up…


Packt $10 eBook & Video Day

Packt are offering discounts for their eBooks and Videos today – for their Day Against DRM. You can find out more details here: You can download my Magento Shipping How-To book or Magento Search Engine Optimization for only £5.93 ($10). DRM is an acronym…


On holiday in Sri Lanka

So I’m on holiday in Sri Lanka at the moment just waiting for a waiter to come and ask me if I want a drink (usually a long wait). It’s currently about 30 degrees and I’m burnt to a crisp. 6 days touring the island…

Magento SEO Cover

Magento SEO Book

I’ve recently published my new Magento book – this time on Magento SEO, titled Magento Search Engine Optimization. I’ve written a full introduction to the book on my companies website: Introducing my Magento SEO Book. It’s now available to buy on Amazon & Packt.

CreareSEO Extension

CreareSEO – FREE Magento SEO Extension

At Creare we’ve recently released our brand new (and more importantly FREE) Magento SEO extension. You can check out a whole host of features and a video walkthrough here. You can download the extension directly from Magento Connect. Thanks to all who have downloaded already…

Advanced Twitter Feed Integration

Advanced Twitter Feed Integration

Since Twitter decided to stop support for it’s API 1.0 and force everyone to use version 1.1 we decided to create a plugin that would allow users to show their latest tweets on their WordPress installation. We called it Advanced Twitter Feed Integration and you…

Magento Shipping How-To Cover

Magento Shipping How-To Book

My Magento Shipping How-To book was released in May 2013. It covers the administration side of Magento order-processing, specifically how best to set up, maintain and tailor your shipping settings for your Magento store. You can buy Magento Shipping How-To from Packt and Amazon.